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After years of caring for survivors overseas, we're excited to unveil our U.S. Survivor Care program!


Check out the live updates that are three years in the making:




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A Potential for Therapy

posted by Community Admin on Jul 24, 2014

Here's an update from Dr. Gundelina Velazco, our Director of Asia Aftercare.


Last week, Typhoon Glenda wrought havoc in many places. At our White Home for boys, sliding glass doors were blasted by the strong wind. At the Round Home, the farm and our treehouse was largely destroyed.


“I was sad because the beautiful things in the round home were destroyed and the animals were killed by the typhoon, and so was the beautiful tree house. All I want is to help restore the Round Home’s beauty.” - Julieta


In this business I try to see everything as a potential for therapy, for restoration, even the tragedies, or especially the tragedies. I “get hold” of the feelings, as expressed by the girls and boys, and watch to make sure that these feelings slowly evolve into something more reformative, more constructive, and more empowering feelings and resolutions that will change the child forever.


For instance, if the children are able to help in restoring the Round Home and see the Round Home recover and regain its beauty because of the children’s efforts and handiwork, then that would be a tremendous boost to their self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of ability to transform and reconstruct everything, including themselves, into a more positive, more beautiful being.


I am thrilled to see the coming days of rebuilding, reconstruction, and restoration… in more ways than one.





Last thursday, a new bipartisan bill was introduced to the House of Representatives-- Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (H.R. 4980).


This bipartisan legislation reflects agreements reached between the House and Senate negotiators, reconciling differences on three bills previously approved by the House (H.R. 1896, H.R. 3205, and H.R. 4058) and the Senate Finance Committee (S. 1876, S. 1877, and S. 1878).


The legislation includes numerous provisions that will encourage states to reduce the incidence of sex trafficking among youth in foster care, empower and promote normalcy for foster youth, quickly move more children from foster care into adoptive homes or the homes of relatives, and increase the amount of child support provided to families in which one parent is outside of the U.S.


This legislation is a huge step forward for protecting vulnerable youth from trafficking.

Stay tuned for what you can do to help this important bill pass!



"We each have a responsibility to make this horrific and all-too-common crime a lot less common. And our work with victims is the key that will open the door to real change—not just on behalf of the more than 44,000 survivors who have been identified in the past year, but also for the more than 20 million victims of trafficking who have not.


As Secretary of State, I’ve seen with my own two eyes countless individual acts of courage and commitment. I’ve seen how victims of this crime can become survivors and how survivors can become voices of conscience and conviction in the cause.


This year’s Trafficking in Persons Report offers a roadmap for the road ahead as we confront the scourge of trafficking."


-- John F. Kerry, Secretary of State


Take a look at the TIP report.