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we can end child trafficking and exploitation

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If you have any general questions about the Task Force Community Site, please contact the community site Adminstrators.  They will be able to help with any questions relevant to Love146, Task Forces and this site.





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For General Love146 info or questions, please visit the Love146 FAQ page.

For Fundraising or Financial questions, please visit the Love146 Fundraising FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Love146 Task Force?

A Task Force is ANY group of people committed to the same mission as Love146 and connected to Love146 and the abolition movement through this on-line Community.  Go here to learn more about what a Task Force is. 


2. How do I Join A Love146 Task Force?

You will need a Task Force Community account and to contact the Task Force directly to see if they are accepting new members. Go here to learn how to join a Task Force. 


3. How do I Start a Love146 Task Force?

You will need a community site account and to read through the Task Force toolkit. Go here to learn how to start a Task Force. 


4. What are the Requirements of a Task Force?

There are five requirements to be a Task Force.  Go here to see them. 


5. What does the "Status" button on my Task Force page mean?

There are three different statuses that a Task Force can be operating in.  Go here to see what they are and what they mean. 


6. What is the Task Force Fundraising ID?

Each Task Force has its own Fundraising ID to keep track of the funds that they raise for Love146.  Learn more here. 



Community Site Help Pages


View the Community Site help pages in the forums for information on how to do things like add and image or use or Task Force admin panel.  Go to the help pages