Together, with a collective shout,
we can end child trafficking and exploitation

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Every year Love146 staff crisscross the country speaking about child trafficking and exploitation and the work of Love146.  Thousands are moved by the stories of the children we serve.  Some are so moved that they will never be the same.  They are ready to join us in the fight, identifying themselves as abolitionists.  If you want to put “abolitionist” next to your name, and add the work of abolition to your life’s work, a Love 146 Task Force is for you. 



What is a Task Force? 


A Task Force is a volunteer group, that meets at least monthly, and

committs to 4 things: 



1. Becoming local experts on human trafficking through ongoing education


2. Raising awareness within their communities about human trafficking and introducing people to the work of Love146. 


3.  Becoming local and national activists, working alongside Love146 to end human trafficking


4.  Annually raising funding to support the work of Love146.




So What's Next?


First make sure you have signed up for an account here on the community site. The Love146 Task Force Community website is designed to give you a direct line to Love146 and other Task Forces across the country and even around the world.  



The Task Force Community provides a learning curriculum, opportunities for advocacy and activism, an interactive forum connecting you with other abolitionists, and the ability to set up your own Task Force web page.  That page will be the face of your Task Force in the greater abolition movement, and a means to comunicate with the other people in your group.








Now Get Together, and Get Moving!


If you or your community are ready to start the abolitionist's journey, or at least explore some deeper ways to get involved with the issue of child trafficking and exploitation,  then a Love146 Task Force may be for you.  If so, it's time to get together and get planning.  Remember, each Love146 Task Force is unique and is a reflection of its unique members, so the characteristics and activities of each vary accordingly.  We will provide you with some structured initiatives, ideas and resources to get you started and coaching and support for the journey, but we will also encourage your own radical creativity!